The microcontroller can "communicate" with the lcd to 8-bit or 4-bit data bus ex. The first option is more simple, so we started with it and the second is more difficult, but it can save 4 microcontroller output.
Let's understand the difference between the connection, and add to our library support 4-eh the bit line.
To execute commands or data output controller lcd character takes time. Therefore, at the end of the recording function, we used the software delay of 40 us. This is quite a workable solution, but not the only possible.
The controller has a BF character lcd busy flag. It is set to 1, the controller performs an internal operation, and is reset when the controller is released. Instead, the software delay can query the state of this flag and run the command write cycle / data only when the flag is cleared.
it will partition into modules next stage of work on our program. We will divide the program into 2 parts - the main program and library to work with the display. Why do I need to break the program into modules, and what benefits it provides?

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In general I lay this the Motorola, lay, until one day I did not want to connect it to the small screen microcontroller. No sooner said than done. Poserfit network connector pinout found, the datasheet on the small screen and the controller started shaman.